Is it possible to see a city in one day? Well, you can always try.


I personally don't like big cities. I hate crowds, i hate places where the pace of life is hectic and everything is ridiculously expensive but, even i have to admit I am drawn to London. The city seems to have a special charm about it.


It is so rich in culture and history you actually feel like you are wrapped up in it as soon as you enter the city. There is always something to see, something to experience, something explore.


It is a city where anyone, from anywhere can find something, something to do, something to fill their time with. For me personally, i love art and i love theater so London was such a treat. I was captivated by the architecture around the city and art at the Natonal Art Gallery


Back to my question, can you see a city in one day? A city like London, it's impossible, but if you set you mind on getting as much out of whatever little time you have as possible, then it is possible to have a fantastic, rich and rewarding time and experience some of what makes London so wonderful. Even though everyone was exhausted by the end of the day, it was definitely worth it.

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