I wonder what it would be like to be queen. That's all I keep thinking as walk around all these castles here. They are so huge, I could run around all day in there. We  visited Windsor and Eton today and Windsor castle is of course gorgeous. A bit sad we couldn't get in because the lines to get into the castle were too long and it was very expensive (18 pounds) but we managed to have fun outside the castle.

 Windsor Castle 

We then went to see Eton Private School that has educated most of the royal family, baby Prince George will probably go there. It's a beautiful quiet place, an all boys school. We toured Windsor a little more then visited Royal Holloway University. It is such a beautiful campus, sucha beautiful place, you actually feel smarter just being on the campus. I wonder what it's like to go to university here and see this beautiful campus everyday. Must be amazing.Royal Holloway



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