Downtown LA  


2014/01/19 A Trip to Downtown LA.

This is my first time to go to the U.S.A by myself, so I want to go everywhere to see every beautiful things and stuffs.

Today, Matt, Nickole and I went to Downtown LA to look around. We just walked and walked, but there's a lot of foreign things in downtown. I was so excited that we went there to see things aboit my home country.

Chinatown has a lot of things with China, Taiwanese, Hong Kong etc. It was sweet to see that I can see some familiar things in Los Angeles.

During lunch time, we ate there and the dish made us full !! We ate fried rice and it came from Hong Kong.

I think that there's a thing in California is convenient. That is one-day pass. You have to pay five U.S. dollars, and then you can go everywhere in California with one-day pass. You don't have to pay more money, just pay five dollars once, and you can go over around the whole California !! It's so convenient.

Although we just walked and walked all the time, but there's a lot of things and places in California, and I want to go there and see through all of them.

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