This is the first time I had left Taiwan alone.

But I still successful arrived in Los Angeles safely by my own self, and it makes me proud.

ticket  *This is my airplane ticket with my nervous finger.


Everything is new in Los Angeles.

University of West is situated on a small hill. When you stand on the top of the school you'll see a very beautiful Californian scenery.

California  *This is a beautiful scene taken early in the morning.


The most foods are really big in size in the United States.

I think the regular size in the United States is the large size in Taiwan. That always makes my stomach really full.

And every food is too sweet or salty. But I have to accustom to it.

By the way, I met a nice Germany roommate named Eugen. He's a handsome and cool guy, and he is also a humorous and kind person.

I believe that most of the Taiwanese girls will like him. :P

I can practice English all the time with him. And I am happy to be his friend.

first breakfast in LA  *This is my first meal in LA, and across the table is my German roommate.

American burger   *This is the biggest sandwich I have ever seen. o_O

Chinese food in America  * American Chinese food.


Okay, I have to sleep now.

Tomorrow is the first day of new student orientation, so I can't sleep late.

Good night!

                                                                                                                           Jimmy ,08.18.2014





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