We went to Warwick Castle and itwas everything I expected it to be. This huge structure has been there for hundreds of years and it still beautiful i was enchanted from the moment I walked through the front gates. I grew up on fairy tales and reading about knights and castlles so for me this was like walking into one of my fairytales. It's quite overwhelming walking in the castle with all that history surrounding you but it is also quite sobering. For me this castle rpresented something being built to last. Something carefully though out, out of necessity at first yes, but also built with care and precision. It made me realise that whyever the reason you may do anything, make sure it is something that will last. Leave a legacy, leave a mark on history. Make history remember you for something amazing, contribute to the betterment of the world and stand proud through the tests of time like this castle. That's my goal after visiting Warwick. I want to make my life something worth remembering, i want to leave an enduring legacy. DSC_0464

Stained Glass Window

Warwick 2.jpg2

The Great Hall 


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